Choosing the right JavaScript framework/library for Microsoft ASP.NET applications


There are many JavaScript frameworks/ libraries available in the market today and Architect / developers have to consider different important parameters before choosing the right JavaScript framework for a project. This blog gives the high-level information about the available JavaScript frameworks/ libraries and its usage in applications.

Some of the major JavaScript framework / libraries list for reference and introduction purpose.

  • AngularJS
  • js
  • Knockout
  • js
  • React
  • jQuery (This is base library to many of the major JavaScript framework).
  • Ember JS
  • Mercury
  • Polymer
  • Socket

Like the above, there are many JavaScript libraries available in the market today. The architect should be careful while choosing the JavaScript framework/library to the project. This document describes the JavaScript framework and Library.  Here are the details about the Framework vs library.

The JavaScript libraries are collection of tools available to include in any web project. The JavaScript framework is a complete package which supports design patterns and collection of tools.

Why JavaScript framework is needed to the application: –

  • JavaScript framework plays important role in applications. It comes with the bundle and it helps in designing the screen faster, optimized client-side validation, and reliable data binding.
  • In simple word, it’s FOR (Faster, Optimized and Reliable) easier to make better application.
  • It helps to develop the Single-Page Applications (SPAs).
  • It helps in the better UI / UX design to the application.
  • JavaScript framework helps to implement the easy data validations, data binding and integrating the validation through CSS.
  • JavaScript framework helps to develop light-weight applications.

Here are some of the major parameters should be considered for choosing the right JavaScript framework.

UI/ UX Design & Validations:

  • Check the availability and usability of UI controls, widgets, interactivity & UX controls, screen design tools.
  • There are JavaScript framework makes it easy to implement the data validations based on the custom rules.

Design Patterns:

  • Choose the JavaScript framework / libraries based on the design pattern.

    • Angular JS & React completely supports MVC design pattern. Routing methodologies are already bundled in these frameworks.
    • jQuery library would be easy to integrate with ASP.NET form based applications.

Reliability & Support:

  • Chose the framework/library which is reliable and proven in the industry. We have instances where JavaScript libraries were discontinued in the past.
  • Verify the framework maintaining company and details. Example: React is maintained by Facebook, AngularJS is maintained by Google.

Integration with .NET:

  • Most of the JavaScript Framework/libraries are easy to integrate with ASP.NET application. It could be ASP.NET MVC applications / ASP.NET form-based applications.
  • There are situations wherein the application UI can be completely designed on the JavaScript framework and business layer can be defined in .NET i.e. Web API /RESTful WCF services.

There could be some other parameters in addition with above defined parameters which lets us choose the right framework/library. Other parameters could be combining the different JavaScript libraries/ framework, Databinding options, maintainability, browser compatibility and integrating with legacy applications.