Estrada Consulting developed a Historical Workers Compensation Data Warehouse in a Microsoft Windows SQL Server Enterprise environment using MS SQL Server Integrated Services (SSIS), and followed the Kimball methodology. ECI performed analysis, system design, programming, unit testing, environment management, configuration management, installation- deployments, troubleshooting and problem resolution as well as their key responsibility for application development coding. ECI served as technical specialists during system implementation as they interacted with L&I’s Maintenance and Operations teams.

As part of the full system development lifecycle approach for development of the Data Warehouse, ECI was involved in all stages from initial analysis of existing systems to implementation, production and maintenance and operations.

Results and Value

ECI developed an enterprise data warehouse sourcing many disparate data systems into a unified, single version of the truth.  The system properly handled complexities of the L&I source systems environment and the intricacies of the business rules/transformation rules that evolved throughout engagement. ECI worked closely with client to establish definitions of the data captured in those source systems in order to create a DW\BI system that meets the requirements of the business.


  • Developed simplified data model promoting ease of use and ease of understanding through use of surrogate keys, junk dimensions, bridge tables, and metadata layer.
  • Implemented a highly reliable (built-in failsafe, with automated restart) ETL process with high availability (parallel structures allowing for simultaneous ETL processing).
  • Implemented unified data governance through common ETL rules for handling erroneous data
  • Implemented ETL framework that improved development efficiency by 50%.
  • Provided a more simplified, robust solution allowing business users to interact with Data Warehouse directly, minimizing IT involvement in standard and ad-hoc reporting.
  • Client State of WA - Washington Labor and Industries
  • Project Type Historical Data Capture Data Warehouse