The Department of Managed Health Care’s (DMHC) Office of Technology and Innovation (OTI) has developed an in-house application, OTIS, based on the .NET framework using the C# programming language. OTIS is used as the DMHC’s Intranet for disseminating information to staff, providing access to documents in a file share repository and acting as the single point of entry to access various tools and applications used by the Department. OTIS provides functionality via custom .NET code which is difficult and resource-intensive to maintain by staff programmers when making edits and posting items to the site. Currently DMHC offices do not have any self-service functionality within the application. Publishing documents or other artifacts requires staff programmers to facilitate fulfilling a service request submitted by program staff. In addition, there is currently a backlog of system changes that OTI programmers are unable to fulfill in a timely manner, which leaves no resources available to replace the OTIS legacy application with a more modern interface and suite of functionality. Therefore, the DMHC is requesting temporary help in the form of a SharePoint .NET developer contractor, to configure and migrate the OTIS Intranet site to the Department’s existing SharePoint infrastructure within Office 365 (SharePoint Cloud), or a local SharePoint instance. Cloud or local instance was determined after requirements analysis had been completed and was dependent upon workflow and security requirements.


Results and Value

  1. Expert Project Management services that included scope, schedule, quality, and team management.
  2. Provided Project Management services including project schedule reflecting proposed approach with resources and tasked outlined.
  3. Collaborated with representatives of each DMHC office (8) in Joint Application Design (JAD) sessions to identify the Business Requirements and mock-ups/design. Finalized Business Requirements and develop mock-ups/design shall include
    • Requirements Document for configuring an Enterprise Document Repository
    • Requirements Document for establishing office-specific Document Repositories
    • Requirements for configuring widgets specific to each office’s unique SharePoint site
  4. Pages and Web Parts
  5. Other widgets as required from JAD sessions
  6. Designed the new SharePoint Intranet site, present the proposed design to project stakeholders
  7. Configured, unit/user tested, and provided knowledge transfer for the following Sites:
    • DMHC Intranet Master SharePoint site
    • Other DMHC office Sub-Sites (OTI, HC, DO, OAS, OE, OFR, OPM, OPL, OLS, etc.)
    • DMHC Extranet SharePoint Site
  • Client CA Department of Managed Health Care
  • Project Type Application Development and SharePoint Implementation