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The main objectives we set were reached a few weeks before the end of the contract with ECI, so we used the remainder of the time to add additional enhancements to the data warehouse. From start to finish, this was one of the smoothest and most successful contracts that I have been involved with.
Thank you for your focus and commitment to this project...  the team was able to make this happen under your guidance which was crucial to a successful and on budget Go Live!
Estrada provided SME's and technical experts for overall development and testing efforts. Their team always responded well to questions and addressed concerns promptly, performed excellent analysis and documentation, were active participants, with quick turnaround of access requests, database refreshes, etc.
Estrada employed highly qualified resources and delivered high quality work. This was one of the best executed knowledge transfer initiatives DGS has seen.
The most important factors for reuse of Estrada is their dedication to our mission, the continued use of highest qualified resources, and their ability to listen and adjust to our needs.
It was impressive to see how fast ECI consultants learned DJJ terminology and processes, and were able to document and provide guidance to the Division, developing a potential Information Technology (IT) solution.
ECI conducted itself in a very professional, effective manner, always in tune with project scope and project plan. Their staff was truly amazing in their ability to understand our environment.
Not only did Estrada Consulting have both knowledge and a clear understanding of our requirements, but their knowledge and adherence to Project Management principals were critical to the success of this project as well.
We were quite impressed with the exceptional skill level of ECI consultants and the quick response to project challenges.
ECI's technology expertise proved vital to our project success. We encountered many business and technical challenges in our project, and ECI's consultants delivered in a big way.
The ECI team was not only a pleasure to work with but a model of patience and professionalism.
ECI’s commitment to quality, communication, approach, and in-depth experience in facilitation were keys to our project success.


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ECI helps organizations realize business value through enterprise mobile, web and cloud-based app, and data warehousing/reporting system development.  We help organizations realize the power of their data assets across their business units.

We have a team of expert consultants who keep pace with emerging technology landscape to deliver appropriate technology for your organization.