Business Problem

CDCR’s Division of Rehabilitative Programs (DRP) manages rehabilitative contract providers that deliver statewide services to offenders. This is currently achieved by maintaining multiple databases on more than 100,000 unique participants at nearly 600 locations for contracts totaling more than $130 million per year. There is inconsistency and redundancy in data collected in different rehabilitative programs. Maintenance and support of separate databases for vendors is inefficient. DRP realized the need to decrease the cost of generating, storing, and using that information, and more importantly, increase its quality, usability, and accessibility to those who need it. It was also an integral component for determining program outcomes and identifying the value they provide to the State of California and its citizens through reduced recidivism. This effort required an expedited implementation as it supports milestone achievement and the implementation of a system to deliver rehabilitative services to reduce overcrowding, increase rehabilitative programming and enhance public safety. This objective was enabled through implementation of Automated Reentry Management System (ARMS).

ARMS is a centralized, web-based case management system that streamlines the lifecycle of rehabilitative treatments through automated workflows for business procedures, triggering actions, generating online alerts, messages and reports. The ARMS system is an evidence-based case management solution to manage over 400 contracts associated with supporting California Department of Correction and Rehabilitations objectives of reducing offender recidivism.

ECI’s role was overseeing and managing the solution implementations. This project enhances data collection and analysis, and ultimately allows the State to track vendor performance to determine the effectiveness of services.


  • Lifted project management burden off CDCR shoulder by managing extremely complex project which involved multiple stakeholders such as system development vendor, IT validation & verification vendor, CDCR Head Quarter and institutional staff, community providers, and etc.
  • CDCR now has extensive Project Management documents and fully compliant best practice processes that meet CDCR requirements. ECI developed industry and CDCR-standard project planning documents, organized the core project team and set the stage for vendor and state technologists to implement the ARMS system.
  • ARMS project contributes to enterprise performance effectiveness and results in:
    • Less wasted time collecting and analyzing data
    • Reduced time to response to executive
  • Client CA Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation
  • Project Type Automated Reentry Management System – Project Management