BI Assessment and strategy

Often ECI’s clients have already attempted to deliver analytical reporting or BI. Sometimes they have a failed attempt at a large data warehouse. Other times, they have a series of data mart silos that conflict with each other, or a collection of rogue MS Access databases that are independently maintained by various business units and are not visible to the organization’s IT system administrators.

How ready is your organization for a business intelligence or data warehouse project? If your project is underway, does your project have the ability to succeed?

Business Intelligence projects can be large and expensive and almost always require a certain degree of readiness and commitment to ensure their success. ECI can evaluate your organization to determine these requirements. ECI helps our clients become successful from any point in the project life cycle by determining and mitigating factors of risk within your organization.

Regardless of the state of your organization, ECI can help get you on the right track and start delivering results. ECI offers several different services to our client when there is no clear project defined and these services can be customized to meet your specific needs.

  • Assessing and understanding the current state
  • Defining a clear BI strategy and roadmap to achieve vision
  • Developing a business case for new projects
  • Planning a series of new projects to achieve their strategy
  • Selecting Vendors and Tools

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