I recently sat down with one of Estrada Consulting’s senior Microsoft .Net developers, Reena Dubey to ask her what her experience has been like working with the Estrada Consulting team.

Reena has a master’s degree in Computer Applications from India, as well as a Diploma in Project Management from the University of California Berkeley. Prior to ECI she worked with a company in the East Coast, but she was looking for a company that was local and easier to communicate with; in 2011 her friend recommended ECI; upon meeting with the CEO she decided to join the ECI family and has been a fundamental part of it since.

Reena is one of the most talented Software Developers operating in the industry today, she has an incredible background of experience working with Government organizations across the continental United States. She has been praised by her co-workers and ECI customers as one of the easiest to work with. Though she was not always destined to go down this path. She mentioned during our interview that she did not even think about Computer Sciences as a future career path until she took a single course in CS. After taking that course, she quickly realized how much she enjoyed enjoys implementing software solutions and the logical structure of software development.

Reena has experience in many different areas of software development.  She started developing applications using client-based development tools such as Visual Basic and MS Access, and has more recently transitioned to the Microsoft .NET client-server development framework.  This transition has made her incredibly efficient when migrating legacy systems to more modern platforms.

 Although Reena has fond memories of learning to develop using client-based tools, she prefers modern technology platforms. She enjoys how one can more easily develop new components and release applications more quickly utilizing the .Net development framework.

Reena has worked with a variety of different public departments.  Upon joining ECI, her first project was with the Department of Victim Compensation of California, and is now working with the Department of Health Care Services (DHCS).

When asked about her projects, Reena stated “I have no favorites, but I do prefer having a lot of creative freedom in my work.”  The DHCS project has required a monumental effort from her and the ECI team.  She works with a team of three developers, who have been able to build an entire system from the ground up.  While challenging she says that the experience has been very enjoyable, and finds the employees of DHCS delightful.  She has always been happy to see new people join the Estrada Consulting team.  Her advice for new employees is to be open to learning and taking on new challenges, because the organization provides many opportunities to learn and grow.  As the interview came to a close, Reena stated “Estrada Consulting looks out for the project team.  It does what they promise and offers continuous support and communication.  I would recommend Estrada Consulting to anyone”.