A year of Blogs ~ What we learned and looking ahead.

In 2019 the ECI marketing department rebuilt from the ground up and took on new initiatives in order to better serve our community, clients and employees.

We knew we had in our arsenal of talent some of the most successful and resourceful consultants in the industry, so with their help and a dedicated team of employees supporting their activities, ECI was able to publish weekly blogs around software development, project management and enterprise architecture.

Our most successful blogs of 2019 were:

Following your comments, activity we have learned what would be the areas of most interest for members of our community.

We have a variety of new blogs to be published from our team through out 2020, we are planning to be even more active and use the incredibly talented team we have to put out quality content on the regular.

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We really look forward to hearing from you and cherish the time you take to comment and interact with our content.